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Dec 3, 2012 12:30pm PST
nathan would be and it wasn't how he picture today and miltion transformedded that into experience of pleasure and making a picnic in doors with full restaurant experience and illustrations, or giving -- i am going to tell something you remember. or giving three year old reluctant bathers in the sink and they ask for repeats of that. one thing that happens with brain tumors in the frontal lobe you lose the ability to see. all right. i'm going to set a limit right now. you guys have to leave the podium. there you go. but milton was to the last always keeping his kids in mind. this summer will and theo who are five -- excuse me, five and three quarters became fascinated with my eye glasses. sometimes i let them try them on so i am practically blind out them and just a few weeks milton would drag his caregiver to look for stylish frames that the boys could wear. he didn't want their eyes damaged by reading glasses and was proud to find them at the mall and the boys loved them. even then he was looking out for his boys. some of you may know this story already but bear with me
Dec 3, 2012 10:00pm PST
's family, friends and his wife abbey and his sons and nathan and will and theo and you will be hearing from this afternoon. it's really my honor to welcome you to this commennation of the life and spirit of our irreplaceable friend miltion marks. today we will hear tributes and memories from those that knew milton in many aspects of his life and work, and i think together these memories and tributes will begin to form a mosaic of the multi-dimensional man he was. i use that word because i wrote it yesterday afternoon want thinking of the mosaic of words, and the word cloud that abbey and will and you collaborated on to express the many dimensions of milton markses and you can look at those expressions of milton and likely add your own. like i said you will be from a number of folks giving their thoughts and tributes to milton today and please stay for the reception afterwards. sign the guest books which are now outside. some of you may have come in before they were placed and together we will create our word cloud and mosaic of milton. to begin it's my honor to introduce the mayor of sa
Dec 8, 2012 7:00pm PST
fighter and nathan diaz a black belt and brazilian jiu-jitsu . attacking the legs of about benson and clenching and and henderson a third degree brown belt jiu-jitsu under the trainer john. they work in a clinch. short little bunches by diaz. solid kneese by diaz as well. he's good in that position. he hey try. but benson is -- as we talked about in the studio. benson tunk away from the potential throws . nice knee of the body by benson and got the heel in the shin . he's going to bend nate over and crush him and drowndrag hym down . pulling down the hed . one of the training partners. they believe he with take nate down and beat him up. >> double hook again here . good take down defense by diaz. >> diaz in the clinch position and again with another one there. diaz crumbles underment and nice use of the body by diaz. nate keeps happen incredible pace. goodbye diaz and he holds the record with 238 strikes and labeled against saroni in december of 2011. and another leg kick and nice take down. you have to watch nathan dizza. i wonder if benson will step away. no he's in position. na
Dec 3, 2012 11:00am PST
it was business as usual and answer nathan's questions about the cold rush. probably the best gift you gave me, and i say this frankly to no offense intended to nathan or abbey, and almost on par with the police department manual and requested to me act as a cosupportive person at nathan's experience and this gift, the one of nathan's birth was in every aspect vintage milton like so many of your gifts. it was created. it benefits more than one person. it sincerely flattered the primary recipient and it was free. do you remember when we both lived in new york and we and cousin andy were leaving the subway when a man asked for a dollar for a cup of coffee. you replied "come on i will buy you the cup of coffee and the sandwich" and we were all shocked. he gave you a long appraising look and gave a comical shrug and the two of you went and you instructed us to wait for you at washington square park. another gift from milton and no moraling, just good. you laughed so hard when you guy ordered two peanut butter and jelly sandwichs in that dinner. the next time i saw you right before you di
Dec 25, 2012 3:30pm PST
for a fart? >> 'tis the season for snowmobile crashes. >> i've got a lot for you guys. >> nathan barnett, friends. calling out people for naughty behavior. >> naughty naughty. walking in the street. >> you've been naughty. come on. sit on my lap. >> get out of my face. >> you can't talk to santa like that. >> get out of my face. >> i'm trying to spread christmas cheer. >> i don't believe in christmas. >> i don't know how he doesn't pumplg him in the face. >> you been good this year? >> yes. >> all right. i've been watching. you'll have to sit on my lap later and tell me what you want for christmas. >> i definitely won't sit on your lap. >> people don't want nathan at all. >> i don't blame them. he sounds like that kid on the playground. >> video games are bad. they rot your brain. you've been naughty. you know you have to sit on santa's lap now. you will? just put that up to santa claus. >> santa is getting naughty. i have to sit on my own lap. >> i think if you were going to sit on your own lap, i think that's how you'd have to do it. >> okay. that's possible. >> i love nathan, but he -
Dec 3, 2012 11:30am PST
, loving, playful, creative, present father, and so adored nathan, theo, will and of course his remarkable and miracle of a wife abbey, and the love and relationship he had with david, caro. that's what made his life a success and he knew that so very well. if i have learned one thing in my years of the legislature it's that term limits are real. they're real because they come and you go, but i got the sense from milton that he understood that we have term limits for life as well, but how easy is it for all of us to life life so easily without thought or recognition that is time limited. if you look at the life of milton marks you know with certainty he understood there wasn't a day or moment to waste because the click is ticking on his tragically too short life. i would like to close with a hebrew prayer which is said at times of joyful occasions, but i think might necessarily have greater meaning at times of painful transition because of course life isn't life without the joy, without the sorrow ." (speaking hebrew). >> blessed as you and krawt creator and sustained us and brought us
Dec 3, 2012 11:00pm PST
francisco and every other community where he lived, and through abbey, nathan, theo and will, and the rest of his family whom he loved most of all. we loved milton and we miss him terribly but we will never forget him. thank you. [applause] >> milton never stopped advocating for what he believed that the kreakdz and maintenance of san francisco's forestry program was civic involvement and support and i think milton would appreciate that if we knock on supervisor's doors and do some advocacy since we're all here anyway. although milton didn't relish the work he had to do in these halls he knew it was necessary for the canopy outside to grow and thrive and let's remember where his legacy really lies and it gives me solace to know that his sons will see him imprint in san francisco every time they walk down the street. let's all look up and remember him this way. thank you. [applause] >> we get to meet milton's niece zoey marks. >> i was think about the past 19 years with my uncle milton in preparation for writing this piece but i was really stumped. how could i encapsulate such a generou
Dec 18, 2012 12:00pm PST
. a postponement comes at the request of the killer nathan burris. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington explains why. >> i want closure. >> reporter: but closure for the families of deborah ross and ersie everette known as chuck will have to wait. the sentencing has been delayed to january 18. the two were gunned down at the richmond/san rafael bridge tollbooth in 2009. nathan burris was ross' ex- boyfriend. the sentencing was supposed to happen today after the jury gave him the death penalty in november. family members were prepared to read impact statements and instead nathan burris and his advisory counsel spoke asking for a new date. burris says he has no access to library or research and prepare. he is defending himself. >> to me he is a joke. he is trying to do anything he can to stay in the county jail. >> we're used to his antics now. we expect he is going to do something. you kind roll of with the punches. but the main thing that we know, this is coming to an end. we'll be able to move on. >> reporter: he is known for outbursts in court and today he started yelling and cursing at the victim
Dec 18, 2012 4:30am PST
of abuse at the girl's home. >>> and at the richmond san rafael toll plaza, during his trial, nathan said he shot the two because he was jealous of their relationship. he also said he had no regrets and preferred the death penalty instead of life in prison. >>> well, somebody has stolen three trees and he planted the trees in memory of his son who died after christmas. this year the third tree was broken off while he was home last weekend. >> if he would have knocked on my door i would have bought them a tree and it would not be the first time i bought somebody a christmas tree. >> he says he has been downsizing his holiday display because of increasing vandalism and he plans on stringing lights on his front porch. >>> firefighters were called to the westfield san francisco at about 8:15 last night. firefighters discovered it was coming from inside and they quickly put out the fire and shoppers were allowed back inside. they only have a few more days to shop, they were probably waiting out there, can't believe it is coming up so fast. >> we have to start sometime. >> that's right. >>> let
Dec 5, 2012 5:30am PST
for the entire program. vice admiral nathan, i don't know if he's here, he may have gone already, but he gave a great talk yesterday on the medical side. and vice admiral z, coast guard, our senior rep here, i can never pronounce his name but he's made things great. general speese, thank you for making this happen. rear admiral hubner, he was here, he's been terrific working with us. rear admiral rivera coming up from the chilean navy, thank you so much. i learned a lot. we need the kind of input that we got from you, really, and we thank you so much. i would be remiss not to mention the two people that really are responsible for all this. first was lewis loeven. lewis loeven works hours and hours to do this. thank you so much. but the other is because she's committed to make it happen and it's her focus that always to learn from everything that happens, ann koninberg at dem, thank you so much, ann, for everything you do. you had to have a pass to get on the ship. i've asked captain pringle, to get off the ship, i wonder if you can secure the hatch until they fill out their partici
Dec 5, 2012 1:30am PST
admiral nathan that i think all responses are local as well. and, so, we really need to start most importantly at the local level, at those planning levels, because the first shot of any campaign, the plan will change, but the partnerships need to remain constant. >> and, general baldwin, we heard from colonel span owe about now your three hats of authority, your state hat, your federal hat, and now your dual status hat. but if you could talk about the partnerships and relationships and how that plays into your ability to respond under -- wearing each one of those hats? >> sure. first i'll begin with just a little bit more background on the national guard. the national guard is unique amongst the components of the army and air force in that in addition to our war fighting mission, we have provided support to civil authorities as a core task. that's why we exist as a unique component. in addition, we're a community based force. our soldiers live and work in all the communities and already have a lot of the relationships with the first responders, the public health services, the hosp
Dec 7, 2012 5:00pm EST
to fall but deign nathan has a trade that can triple your money in one month and help you get your money back. >>> plus talk about a blockbuster netflix trade. teaming up for a trade that can make money if netflix shares go up, down or nowhere at all. they will show you how you can make money, too. >>> and which of these stocks do options traders see paying a biggest dividend? the action begins now. >>> live from the nasdaq market site in the heart of new york's times square. i'm melissa lee. the dow closing at the high of the day and finishing up for the third straight week. the only stock america is watching tonight is apple. the national nightmare continues. apple is lower in nine of the last 11 sessions. it is below the death cross. people are panicking. the question now is, is this a broken stock or the buying opportunity of a lifetime? let's get into money and find out. it is important to understand why you think the stock is down before you can say whether or not it is a buying opportunity. >> there were so many reasons. if you thought that this stock would be down 9% on a week an
Dec 15, 2012 10:00pm PST
of those people. his name is nathan. >> we kind of wanted to know what was going on. saw the police cars try to leave our apartment. there were a whole bunch of s.w.a.t. team in the hallway told us to shell nor place. and then evacwaited us about 5 minutes ago. >> reporter: we know there are hostage negotiators. there's also a s.w.a.t. team here. we know that police are not going to give up at any point soon. one of these two is going to prevail. let's hope it's the negotiators. >> we'll check in with you again. >>> there is new information about what happened in the second deadliest school shooting in u.s. history. police say the gunman shot 20 children at least twice with a high powered rifle. he also killed six adults who tried to stop the carnage. investigators say he forced his way into the school by breaking a window. tomorrow president obama will be in newtown, connecticut for a memorial service. >>> cbs reporter is there where the small community is trying to cope as police work to find a motive. >> reporter: 6-year-old emilie parker was one of the 20 students shot and killed ins
Dec 27, 2012 10:00pm PST
with their two biological children, nathan and cameron. and their adopted daughter. they shot video when they brought her home from siberia two years ago. they were hoping for another addition to their family from russia in the coming year. >> this is the crib we have. >> reporter: they are just one of hundreds that have been caught in an international political showdown. president vladimir putin plans to sign the ban on adoptions to the u.s. this was russia's response to president obama's anticorruption law. it denies russian officials from getting u.s. visas if they were associated with human rights violations. >> it's tragic these children are potentially going to fall victim to senseless politics. >> reporter: the national council for adoption says with 700,000 russian orphans the kids are the ones caught in this political web. >> most of them have been matched with children. they consider these children part of their family already. they've introduced them via pictures and other methods to their siblings here in the united states. and it's really heartbreaking. >> reporter: a heartb
Dec 1, 2012 6:00pm PST
. but nathan saunders, president of the washington teachers union, says the system is unfair to teachers when many of their student have barriers to learning, such as poverty. >> the penalties are so immediate and so painful, not just immediate in terms of their paycheck, but also immediate in terms of their careers. >> reporter: in washington, test scores are still among the lowest in the nation, but improved slightly, up 2.8% in math, 5.3% in science, and a half percent in reading. leticia long attributes improvements in her son's school to the teacher involveses. >> it seems like classes are more consistent, that they're all kind of operating towards the same kind of core curriculum standards which creates, i think, a better experience for the kids. >> reporter: this fall, 988 teachers, about a quarter of the total staff, received a top rating, making them eligible for the highest bonus. that's about 300 more than last year. sharyl attkisson, cbs news, washington. >> jarvis: as of today, a new law protects north carolina teachers from cyber-bullying by student who use the internet to intim
Dec 17, 2012 7:00am PST
of "mornings on 2" we'll tag along with some of the oakland as and nathan adrian who are shopping for these kids today. we'll bring that to you later on in the show. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> 7:33. let's check in with sal. very slow approaching the bay bridge, sal. >> yeah, this was raining there pretty hard. now we have a big backup. i want to he show you our -- i want to show you our camera at the maze. rainy and slow. it's not a great drive into san francisco. if you have an option, use b.a.r.t. instead or doing the casual carpool or some sort of carpool to get through. right now we're waiting at 30, 45, maybe an hour before you make it onto the span. and then, of course, there's more time there. let's take a look at the commute. contra costa county, slow traffic. 680, somierier problems -- some earlier problems. and then 680 continues to slow into alamo as we check on 880 southbound, slows at 238, heading down to fremont. san jose in the san jose, northbound 280 is slow. the secret is out. people are using 280 instead of 101. 101 had earlier issues i
Dec 8, 2012 7:00am PST
. >> >> this is nathan garcia. he is battling stage for brain cancer. because of that, he has had to put his dream of playing football for usc on hold. but this is not other big dreams. his parents are helping him with those. >> we want to make this happen for him and he has a lot of people will love him and he has a lot of support. we just thought it would be a way for us to give back because we have been so blessed. doctors say that the nathan may not have much time left. his family plans to build at the toys that he has collected off to the san francisco children's hospital where he was treated. the toys will also go to local ronald mcdonald house. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend. we are uncovering more information about an all beating teacher accused of molesting a minor. we are also keeping our eye on the weather. here's a live look outside at mount cam. >> the morning. for watching kron 4 news weekend. coming up this hour. the president continues to take his views on a middle class tax cut to the country. gas prices continued to drop. we will take a look at where they stand this morning.
Dec 3, 2012 12:00pm PST
. the loss is great for our city, but the greater loss is for abbey and nathan, theo and will. abbey, you know my great affection for milton, and you know why. even though i'm just a campaign manager we became really, really good friends, i don't think the world should be without him, so boys one day when you're feeling a little lost and wondering who you are come to me, and i will regale you with tales of a great man, your father, because he loved you so. thank you. [applause] >> we have just -- i think two or more speakers who served with milton in public service before hearing from abbey so please welcome milton's friend and former supervisor aaron peskin. >> thank you peter. thanks to abbey, to the children, to his brother and sister and milton's friends. i think you heard it. milton was a mensh. he was a absolute definition of a mensh. i didn't meet milton in politics. i met him in the historic preservation day and i can't remember where but it was 96 or 97 and i was making my usual fuss in saving the columbo building on column bus avenue and milton said there is a way to get i
Dec 5, 2012 3:30am PST
, as admiral nathan said, no one is prepared for an event of such magnitude, so you have to take many things in account but with a guitar in your hand it's another story. you have to be prepared as much as you can. the first section is to establish coms. communications is the most important thing to deal with an emergency of this sort and you are absolutely right. people and infrastructure regulations. in our school we teach our kids that if they felt a tremor or an earthquake, which is they can't stay stand, they have to run it high lands. how high? about 30 meters above sea level. this is mostly safe. but also we practice that in many coastal communities we practice at least once a year. also the streets, we have signs that say, this is the evacuation route in case of tsunami. we have that in all our coastal cities. infrastructure regulations, you cannot build anything which is not 7.5, or less than a 7.5. if there is a mother who has no diapers and no food for their children, 24 hours and everything is, you know, no water, no nothing, people tend to go to a supermarket, absolutely
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 135 (some duplicates have been removed)